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Authentics Art Gallery was founded in 2013 with the specific purpose of promoting the importance & value of established artists’ original works, and helping collectors & interior designers with finding the perfect piece. Our motto “an original makes all the difference” states this truth precisely, as an original work of art has superior value in comparison to a signed lithograph. Each composition we display is one-of-a-kind.
We invite you to see our full gallery and to contact us with any inquiries.

Background from our Founder

My name is Clarissa Farina Serpilli, Owner, Founder and Curator of Authentics Art Gallery. I am a native Floridian of Italian descent raised in a family which has been artistically inclined for generations. During my childhood I was raised in a household surrounded by many forms of art: paintings, sculptures, music, opera, etc. My passion for art began at an early age and blossomed into an intense heartfelt passion for Art History. This prompted me to pursue my passion and eventually get my degree, after having both travelled and studied abroad.

Throughout my life I have known many great artists. Unfortunately, they all had the same issues: 

  • they thought their works weren’t good enough,

  • they didn’t speak English,

  • they didn’t have a website,

  • they had never travelled too far from home to exhibit their works,

  • they had limited possibilities of reaching a national market,

  • they never imagined they could expand their dreams to a worldwide platform.

These recurring issues would periodically reappear during my life path as if they were calling me to act. I would then ask myself: 

  • what can I do to help this artist? 

  • how can I help introduce them?

  • how can I assist them in showcasing their works to the entire world?

They all have such great talent and very few people know about them…what a shame! 


So one day, after having been laid off from work, I was sitting near the pool thinking: I need to find a job that doesn’t have any age limit or location limit, and it needs to be a profession I truly enjoy. That’s it, I’ve got it! I’m going to open my own online art gallery, a concept which did not exist back in 2013. I knew many artists, each of whom had large inventories of original works of art, and I could help them by promoting them and their works during their lifetime.


These artists have dedicated their entire life to art and to developing unique techniques and styles. What an honor it is to be able to assist them in showcasing their works to the entire world, while seeing each of them achieve success and recognition.

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