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Sebastjan Peršolja

Sebastjan Peršolja was born in 1972 in Nova Gorica (SLOVENIA) where he works and lives. He is an artist, painter, sculptor and designer. Sebastjan Peršolja is an affirmed artist known on the international level. He has had a total over 120 solo exhibitions and 80 group exhibitions in his home country and around the world.  He became famous as the creator of "The Scepter of Beauty" award, which was received by the winner of the “Miss World Beauty Pageant” at the Seychelles Islands in 1998.  His works are owned by many illustrious and famous personalities, such as the worldwide renowned Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti, and are present in many private and public collections throughout the world.  In 2017 he participated as “Guest Artist” together with Miro Persolja at the 57th Venice Biennale, curated by Giorgio Gregorio Grasso with two unique sculptures entitled "The Mermaid in the Lagoon", in the enchanting and prestigious atmosphere of the Gothic Zenobio Palace of the Armenian Republic.


In the words of Angelo Bacci who is a passionate historian of Contemporary Art, as well as a writer and poet, that has actively been involved with the Venice Biennale for over 40 years:


"Sebastjan is an artist that has undergone the charm and beauty of Surrealism as represented by the illustrious masters such as Giacometti, Brancusi and Archipenko, going with his class, also beyond the lesson and heritage of the Great Masters. It goes without saying that his sculptures and his paintings represent and explicitly express an incredible emotional and experimental path where all of the strength and expressiveness of the artist appear, putting his soul, imagination and creativity into each one of his works. He magically uses his hands cleverly, searching in everyway to establish a dialogue, a constructive, intimate, profound and visionary correspondence between his "other self" and the unpredictable and passionate viewer where Sebastjan acutely renders himself as protagonist and absolute interpreter of the scene. Persolja’s art has always been a timeless dream that overwhelms his opus and life, which lives now and will live forever symbolically in the future of art itself."

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