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Art Collector Basics 101

Art Collector Basics 101: How to begin your personal art collection

Are you looking to invest in something that will increase in value with time? Then why not invest in something you like?

Invest in YOU !!

Begin Your Personal Art Collection with original works of art.

Even if it may seem like an impossible task at first, it really isn't. It can prove to be a fascinating and fun mission! Let's think about it this way: Art is visual: you either like an artist's compositions from the get-go, or you don't, and if you like that style, you only want to see more of it. There's something about those specific compositions and technique that absolutely catches your attention and The Magical Phenomena occurs. It might be the paint strokes, the color schemes, painting method or the subject matter? Whatever it is that attracts you to that style...PURSUE IT!! Research the artist and get to meet them if possible. Getting to know the artist helps to better understand what makes him/her tick and better understand why they paint in that specific way.

Start your collection off with a small piece. Investing in original works of art is much better than investing in a signed print which has much less value. An original work of art is uniquely created and even though there might be a series of compositions created in a similar way, yours is a "one-of-a-kind" composition and you're the only one in the world that has that specific work of art. This alone contributes greatly to the overall value of your piece.

Get the artist to autograph his work on the back on the composition. A personalized autograph on the back of the work of art also contributes to the overall value of the piece.

Always try to get a Certificate of Authenticity when possible. This document is an essential part of your investment because it authenticates the work and its true value.

Find a special location where the composition can be hung and viewed by yourself and others. This can be very trick in that a variety of difference aspects need to be considered: hanging height, lighting, space between the viewer and the composition, etc. Each composition requires a specific atmosphere so that it gleams at its best. Before you know it, you'll want another, but this time slightly larger.

Collecting a series of painting from one specific artist also contributes the to the overall value of your collection. Artists evolve and so do their styles. Collecting a variety of compositions from the same artist, not only promotes the overall value of your investment, but it also tells a story. You promote the artist and the artists takes great pride in his work. As they say...practice makes perfect!

So what are you waiting for? Get busy and start your own personal art collection today. Sometime in the near future you'll be glad you did!


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