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Victoria Gomez Mayol

Victoria Gomez Mayol was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1987.  She resides in Sarasota, Florida, United States, and is currently working on her thesis at the National Art University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Vicky enjoys painting and teaching art in her Sarasota studio. 


Victoria’s love of art began at the age of fifteen, while attending the renowned academic Guillermo Roux School of Art.  She continued her studies under the tutelage of well-known artist Ariel Mlynarzewicz.  Under his guidance, Victoria developed the ability to draw upon her inner happiness and spontaneity.  These qualities are evident in her work.  By using vibrant colors and vivid expressions, Vicky brings the human figure to life. 


In her first series, Vicky portrayed scenes from everyday life; people on street corners and crowds at train stations.  The artist is currently working on a series dedicated to women.  Her illustrations capture the women’s strength, sensuality and tenderness.


Victoria enjoys infusing the colors of today’s contemporary fashion, and experimenting with different materials.  She works with, acrylic, markers, resins, watercolor, collage, ink, embroidery thread and aerosols. Much of her work encapsulates the handmade beauty that she sees in ordinary objects.  She can be inspired by the colorful embroidery on a pillow, decoupage on a tea box, or a scarf she sees in passing. 


In Victoria’s words, “When we surround ourselves with objects that radiate beauty, warmth and happiness they become part of our lives.”  This is precisely the same energy that the artist transmits in her paintings.

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